You all need to watch this show. Also, Miles had another kidney surgery a couple weeks ago. He's recovering and will get back into the studio shortly.


Here's a new interview with Miles (pre-surgery) on


Hello friends of Beulah,

Since many of you have been asking about the status of Miles' solo album we thought this might be a good time for an update. Here's the good news: Miles is about 70% finished with the record. He just needs to add the vocals and some minor instrumentation. Now for the bad news: As was previously mentioned in the older news section, Miles had two surgeries on his shoulder in 2005/2006 which prevented him from playing guitar for about a year. Around this same time he was diagnosed with a disease of his large intestine/colon which has led to some problems with his kidney. After visiting the emergency room on 4/24, he was scheduled for surgery 48 hours later. Unfortunately there were some concerns with his blood work and the risk of cardiac arrest so his surgery was rescheduled for this past Friday. The surgery was a success and he's doing well. Here are a couple of pictures. The reason this is noteworthy is because Miles was scheduled to finish recording on April 30th. That said, all recording is canceled until he recovers.

Now for some happier news: Former Beulah bassist Steve LaFollette and his wife Kristy have a new baby girl named Emma. Congratulations to the LaFollette family.

Also, it seems Magnet Magazine has deemed "When Your Heartstrings Break" a lost indie classic along with records by Mazzy Star, Archers of Loaf, Neutral Milk Hotel among others. It's nice to know that something you record in your bedroom can be considered a classic a few years later. Now we know how Paris Hilton feels.

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